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Millais and Ophelia: Femininity, Madness, and Representation

The 21-year-old John Everett Millais released his painting ‘Ophelia’ in 1852 at the Royal Academy. As an early Pre-Raphaelite work, it valued high detail, realism in its depiction and an abundance of colour. Millais’ paintings often stemmed from the Romantic, the medieval, and the literary - especially Shakespeare, which was exceedingly popular in the Victorian… Continue reading Millais and Ophelia: Femininity, Madness, and Representation

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Fairytales and Art

Fairytales: its iconography, archetypes, themes, and messages still play a part in modern films, art, and literature after centuries of evolution, its roots anchored deep in societal consciousness. Beginning as a game of Chinese Whispers across Europe, it was marked down by the writers of the Renaissance but became complete and popular by The Brothers… Continue reading Fairytales and Art